• Assured Family Services
    Assured Family Services
    Detroit, USA

    AFS aims to be the source of accurate information and competent recommendations that identify the unique needs of referred youth and families in Wayne County, and enable community organizations to restore successful living, increase healthy development and promote safer communities.

    Cairo, Egypt

    The Association for Women’s Total Advancement and Development (AWTAD) is an NGO dedicated to the professional and personal development of Egyptian women and youth as a means to empower them on both the social and economic level.

  • Boards and Brews
    Isle of Man, UK

    A Board Game Café providing job skills for young adults with autism spectrum disorder to support them on their way to permanent employment.

  • philippines café service
    Bretz Café
    Manila, Philippines

    Bretz Café is setting the example in its community in two ways. First by pioneering a multi-cultural café strategy, and secondly by setting up a tradition of visiting the Manileño streets each Christmas to feed street children.

  • CynteQ
    Nairobi, Kenya

    What began as a simple tool and software providing company is now beginning to utilise their platform to greater degree of success, traveling to rural villages educating 8-13 year olds who would otherwise have no computing opportunity.

  • Hackney Pirates
    London, UK

    The Hackney Pirates is an enterprising charity working to develop the literacy, confidence and perseverance of young people in Hackney, so that they achieve both in school and in the world beyond.

  • Loyverse Free point of sale
    Loyverse Free POS
    European Offices

    Loyverse is a software company deeply aware of two points. The first is regarding the common challenges that come with starting new businesses or projects, and the second is just how correlative SME development is with a nation's overall economic development.

    Arusha, Tanzania

    M&N Consulting, an initiative to create innovative services to help promote entrepreneurial spirit in the Tanzanian region, helping optimize businesses by offering their professional advice to ensure the stability and accessibility that many tanzanians don’t have.

  • Ouseburn Farm
    Newcastle, UK

    A registered charity providing an integrated setting where people with disabilities and the able-bodied can work together to provide a variety of community services including skills-based projects for vulnerable adults and environmental education for school children.

  • Samaaria
    Haapsalu, Estonia

    Charitable NGO Samaaria is working hard in Estonia to help those excluded from society back to normal living conditions. Their particular focus is on providing former alcoholics and drug abusers as well also those previously convicted with shelter, clothing, food and care.