How can we Move Towards a World of True Giving?

what is a world of true giving?

Hello everyone, how are you doing? Thanks for arriving at this post. It has been four months since we started the give first initiative. We have been steadily progressing and now I want take some time to help you become more aware of why we are here, and together what we can achieve.

The page began in the minds of collaborators and visionaries who's heads are flying high in the clouds dreaming of a better future. Being dreamers, we are working hard to create an elevation growing in momentum that will propel us towards achieving concrete, substantial results that will make not just an impact, but a total revolution in the hearts of our global community. The concept of the give first initiative stems from the human nature that is to create relationships. In those relationships, two ways exist, giving and receiving. We have a choice to make in our lives: are we givers, or are we receivers? Of course the answer is both, but the core element of the give first initiative is to create an alive and active community of people who are always looking for the opportunity to give. Building a community centred on this vision is what we believe will create a practical platform to heal the world through cross collaboration and united goals within and surrounding each field of study.

"...the give first initiative stems from the human nature that is to create relationships. In those relationships, two ways exist, giving and receiving."

Based on our background offering the free Point of Sale Loyverse, we are beginning this pursuit in the area of small business and entrepreneurship. Those individuals who are offering much more than a business by serving their community with grassroots schemes deserve their exemplar path to be echoed around the world. Take the example of the Turn Around Café in Detroit, USA where one woman's drive to support local youth caught up in the adult justice system showed her community that forgiveness is real. Or look at Viljar in Estonia supporting his society by taking action in a shelter helping drug addicts and alcoholics to reshape their lives. 

These small acts of kindness define the path to life success. When we can gather and collaborate with an online global community of similar thinkers, do you see the potential!? It's HUGE. Please take some to watch the video below afterwards which will further explain how much of an impact such a simple minded project can have. 

In 2015 the UN declared 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) to achieve as a global community before 2030 including goals such as eradicating extreme poverty and ending all forms of malnutrition. Given the still conflicted state of the world, reading through at a first glance, these goals are highly unrealistic. But despite the borders betwen territories, cities and even neighbours that are still evident in the world we know, the goals themselves are uplifting people from any background to work alongside each other. This is shared humanity. The interconnected spirit between individuals, families, businesses, NGOs and governmental organisations is directly what the give first initiative was created for, and so we offer our platform to speed up the progress towards those SDGs and to reach above and beyond them into every field through a deeply intertwined network of people seeking first to give.

The overall management of global small business development will be crucial to tackling the major issues faced by humanity in the next 15 years.Giving each individual the power to succeed as an entrepreneur is at the root of solving all issues surrounding poverty. SME's supported by the uprise in microfinance and software systems has already been a hugely impacting trend in the last decades, with the present microfinance model serving 100 million people with $25 billion of loans. But delving further we see that the global number of potential micro-borrowers is estimated to be 1 billion, with a total loan demand of $250 billion. Digest these words from Grameen Foundation's Mohammad Younus:

“When you hold the world in your palm and inspect it only from a birds eye view, you tend to become arrogant, you do not realize things become blurred when viewed from an enormous distance. I opted instead for the worm's eye view.”

With such a gigantic potential to support the world's most vulnerable opening up at the grassroots more with each passing day, it is crucial that this trend of microfinance, is led by a strong group of capable and responsible leaders who can finally oversee the restoration of balance between the richest and poorest, happiest and unhappiest. The developed and developing world have so much to learn from each other. We have to believe in the dramatic impact the trend of software and microfinance can have externally on global and local economies leading to rapid growth in all other sectors. And alongside this, we need people who can empower and instill entrepreneurs with belief in themselves to succeed.

Revolutionaries like Samuel Kamau leading efforts to educate children in rural nairobi with his Kid's code camp are what the world needs more than ever. When we gather these people under one global umbrella from the desire to give, we can lead this revolution of technology directly from the heart. If you believe in this potential, then let's please work together and create together this platform which can be a funnel which can compact the combined energy of the people in the world who are trying to resolutely resolve the crises we see constantly on news channels. Please try to see the hope that can become reality if we can evolve this platform into an integrated cross-collaboration and community development platform for the world's largest, average and smallest economic, political, cultural, health-related, sports, artistic etc. influencers. 

To achieve the SDGs by 2030 we need to unite so much more. If each country sees themselves as an active member of the global family, I truly believe we can achieve results much quicker than 2030! You and me are so important for this to substantialize, so let's start working together today! If you're running an initiative and would like to be on our website, please send me an email at describing your project and how it can contribute to our collective goals. No matter who you are and what background you come from, we can co-create a platform that can kickstart rapid action towards real world achievement on a global scale.

Watch our VLOG on this topic clicking here.