Ouseburn Farm's Environmental Collaboration

Ouseburn Farm could have just been a farm. Instead, it acts as a registered charity located a mile from Newcastle city centre aiming to provide an integrated setting where people with disabilities and the able-bodied can work together on a farm project benefitting the community.

First of all, a natural by-product of farm maintenance and community action projects provides vulnerable adults, volunteers and members of the public to develop agricultural, horticultural and environmental skills. Adults with varied needs and abilities are able to choose from a selection of farm related courses including, gardening, catering and animal projects as well as creative training subjects.

Visiting a farm is aslo a meaningful experience for children and students especially those living in the city, who often visit from the surrounding region for experiences with regular farm animals as well as ferrets, chinchilla and tortoises at Ouseburn. Learning to love the environment and protect the local heritage is invaluable for a child's upbringing providing an education which adds to the character of youth beyond that offered in the school system.

All in all, the heroes helping this farm to continue are demonstrating a best practice in environmental construction and sustainability which is a great example for others in any area of the world.