NGO Samaaria Rekindles Lives of Those Once Exiled

Charitable NGO Samaaria is working hard in Estonia to help those excluded from society back to normal living conditions. Their particular focus is on providing former alcoholics and drug abusers as well also those previously convicted with shelter, clothing, food and care.

One of several precious volunteers making a difference is Viljar Roosimaa, who accepted to become a board member with only 6 days notice. He tells us “it's a challenge to balance studying and work especially when a lot of projects rest on my shoulders.” Nevertheless, through taking on more responsibility for others, he found greater confidence within himself.

What kind of motto does the organization draw inspiration from? Viljar responded saying “My personal desire is to give way for people who are better than I am” and “real joy comes when you see other people grow and get where they need to be”. Upon being asked why he willingly offers his time for this cause, “someone had faith in me” was his simple response.

The shelters are funded by partners and organizations who donate second-hand goods which volunteers proceed to sell at charity shops.