M&N Consulting Aware of East African Tech Needs

M&N Consulting Aware of East African Tech Needs

Hon. Mustapha Akunaay and Niels Emmer, know well the relevance of the role of Small and Medium sized Enterprises for a country’s economic development and therefore in the summer of 2016 they created M&N Consulting, an initiative to create innovative services to help promote entrepreneurial spirit in Tanzania.

Now those who are planning to start a business can feel supported as they receive valuable guidance from these two dedicated men. They are helping optimize businesses by offering their professional advice to ensure the stability and accessibility that many tanzanians didn’t have.

In their on-line magazine you can find all the information you need to know about business administration and finance as well as useful articles with tips and tools such as free software for SMEs. Great efforts are needed to run this project which proves their commitment to the Tanzanian nation and shows us a clear example of what a first give initiative is.

In such a way they join a national level project contributing with their own investment on the way to accomplish the goals established for the development vision Tanzania 2025

“In other words, it is envisioned that Tanzanians will have graduated from a least a developed country to a middle income country by the year 2025 with a high level of human development” - Tanzania Development Vision 2025.

Webpage: http://mnconsultants.co.tz/