Free Software for Global SME Development

Loyverse is a software company deeply aware of two points. The first is regarding the common challenges that entrepreneurs face when starting new businesses and projects, and the second is just how correlative SME development is with a nation's overall economic development due to its overarching effect on entrepreneurial innovation and development. Loyverse currently offers a solution relevant to all store owners: the point of sales system.

The community that has grown surrounding the loyalty-universe is one that is filled with understanding the core identity of an entrepreneur. That is as an individual empowered to serve and attend their community before seeking to gain profit from them. The loyverse team have since their conception been providing more than an app; developing a global tribe of entrepreneurs who are trying to revitalise and revolutionise the business eco-system in their communities to one that is focused on sharing skills and services for the benefit not just the individual entrepreneur, but that of the whole community.

Beyond functionality, accessibility was another main point of concern for the Loyverse team. Contemplating how to reach people everywhere equally regardless of standard of living, the only feasible option was to initially offer the software for free globally. Offering a service without expecting return was the root of their motivation. Adding to that, perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Loyverse's software development has been that much of their growth has been experienced through their own practice of cultivating loyal relationships with their users on all continents.

At first, many asked how it was possible to simply supply a product for free, but most often they would get inspired by the vision and desire flowing at the Loyverse offices, that they would go on to also offer to help the cause voluntarily in return. One example of this is their mass translation and global success. Whilst most companies would take several years working with paid professionals to expand globally, within one year the Loyverse POS software is now supported in 17 languages, all done by volunteers and end-users- key to their rapid expansion.

Loyverse is still young and searching for new ways to expand and evolve as they continue pioneering what they see as a new business model.