• As their mission statement suggests, their learning environment, the ship of adventures- a creative space in the design of a pirate ship, is certainly ‘dynamic’. This is a magnificent example of local people channelling their time and energy to provide for community development. At Hackney Pirates, creativity blossoms in line with the vision to nurture well-rounded education. 

  • Many companies have study programs but Will’s content is unique. They are encouraging students to engage in meaningful and valuable studies. Aside from studies, they provide an opportunity to see the reality of Nepal.

  • Ouseburn Farm could have just been a farm. Instead, it acts as a registered charity located a mile from Newcastle city centre aiming to provide an integrated setting where people with disabilities and the able-bodied can work together on a farm project benefitting the community.

  • Autistic Youth

    Sandwiched between Great Britain and Ireland lies the proud Isle of Man where a middle aged woman named Jennifer is brewing up a social support program for young adults with autism spectrum disorder to learn job skills which help place them in permanent employment.

  • CynteQ is beginning to utilise their platform to a greater degree of success, taking it, as Samuel said, “as part of their corporate social responsibility” to travel to rural Nairobi villages educating 8-13 year olds who would otherwise have no computing opportunity.

  • Loyverse is a software company deeply aware of two points. The first is regarding the common challenges that come with starting new businesses and projects, and the second is just how correlative SME development is with a nation's overall economic development.