CynteQ Kenyan Kids Code Camp

Together with friends, Samuel Kamau began his professional life in the small IT business field providing tools and software for those in the Nairobi region. With no one to kick-start his education in the area he loved, he taught himself many computing skills including programming and web-design, and things continued from there.

Now, CynteQ is beginning to utilise their platform to a greater degree of success, taking it, as Samuel said, “as part of their corporate social responsibility” to travel to rural Nairobi villages educating 8-13 year olds who would otherwise have no computing opportunity. Samuel also told us that “it starts from changing the concept of a business from that of a financial challenge to a solution to the problems of others”. The ever growing CynteQ Free Code Camp for Teens is surely a gift to the region and a great example of a collective effort taking the initiative to give first.

In the words of the founder, Samuel, “Many youngsters in my region and beyond aspire to acquire similar skills but have no platform to initiate learning. It was in this spirit that we decided to start the CynteQ Free Code Camp for teens in remote areas of the country. We have so far piloted four successful camps around Nairobi, and it is now time to move to other less developed areas of the country.”