UP Communities Coordinating the Egpytian Entrepreneur Ecosystem

AWTAD UP Community

Egyptian entrepreneurship is booming. With over 30 percent of the country aged between 15 and 29, and thousands of unemployed young people, SME growth in Egypt right now is coming less out of innovation and more out of necessity. In one sense, therein lies the definition of small business potential: that individual empowerment will rise directly in proportion with employment and economic levels. Delving further, that in May 2016 the executive manager of the Egyptian Banking Institute's declared SME projects as accounting for roughly 78% of jobs nationally, we begin to get a bigger picture of how influential SME growth can be for Egypt. On the other hand however, if this growth is not dealt with in a sustainable manner, the implications on the future of Egypt's economy could be dismal.

At this crucial turning point which will largely determine Egypt's future, the give first initiative is proud to partner with AWTAD whos latest masterpiece is the UP Communities.

These communities will gather entrepreneurs from their inception, through sustainment and follow them through growth. Through highly interactive and entertaining group practice, such communities will be provided with the valuable skills needed by entrepreneurs to create a longer lasting legacy. Experts and experienced staff will guide entrepreneurs to the shortest journey to stability and success.

Up communities is an exclusive society for those with creative projects and desire to create the influence needed in Egypt now by believing and pursuing the potential to grow and compete in any global market. AWTAD boldly believes in giving entrepreneurs everything and more for as little as possible; "Live an UP experience and we guarantee that you will have a complete transformation personally and professionally."

Thus at a most pivotal of eras for Egypt and the middle east, we at the Give First Initiative offer our continued support to the AWTAD team as they proactively maximize efforts to resolve Egypt's most impacting development issue. In this light, Egypt can lead the way for SME development and pave the way for a transition to MEDCs for many in the wider middle eastern area.