Autistic Youth on the Way to Permanent Employment

Autistic Youth

Sandwiched between Great Britain and Ireland lies the proud Isle of Man where a middle aged woman named Jennifer is brewing up a social support program. As her three special needs children grew up, she noticed that one of the greatest way to calm them was through enjoying a good board game. Due to his Autism, Jennifer's oldest son was unable to find a job after finishing school, and so appeared the idea to establish 'Boards and Brews'. From the name, you may guess that one aspect involves cafe management and the other as a board game hub for the island. Above all, through this program, young adults with autism spectrum disorder learn job skills which help place them in permanent employment.

The café is attracting guests from all over the island and beyond with it's warm communal atmosphere. And it's this very spirit that keeps the place running with board games donated by locals and fundraisers held with local musicians. Starting with £1000 of donated money, Jennifer's immediate goal is to have enough business to be able to pay the ASD young adults a consistent wage for their time and to help roughly 5 young adults a month find employment.