About Us

Giving should be learnt first and foremost from parents joyfully offering everything for their child. In reality, we see a spirit of taking that leads to separation rather than unity. For the betterment of our world, we must learn, actualize and share the value of Giving First.

The Give First Initiative aims to develop an international body composed of individuals, families, communities, companies, organizations and governmental institutions striving actively for interdependency, shared accomplishment and universal values.

Through uniting our partnerships and initiatives under one global banner, let’s together create a momentum which can inspire all corners of the world to practice giving first.

Patrick Glenn

A passionate UK visionary, Patrick’s potential to create harmony between those doing good has always been his forte. Though young, through the Give First Initiative he seeks to bring this notion to greater heights than have previously been seen.


Rodrigo Díaz

Rodrigo, born and raised in Spain, has been kindling a raging fire for a long time. The Give First Initiative is the spark igniting his deepest ambition: to live for the sake of others.